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Reference and administration fees & procedures: referencing fees are £50 Per Tenant This will include one guarantor if necessary.  References for additional guarantors are charged at £25.00. referencing procedure normally takes between 3 to 5 working days to complete, please note if one or all applicants or guarantors fail the referencing process and a replacement cannot be found, then the holding deposit would be forfeited.

Inventory Fees are split equally between the landlord and the tenant and include the check-out at the tenancy end, this is a full written detailed report backed up with photographic evidence outlining the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy.

The figures below represent the 50% share each party would pay per property.

1 bedroom   = £120

2 bedrooms = £140

3 bedrooms = £160

4 bedrooms = £180

Tenants are required to pay one calendar months’ rent in advance and six weeks security deposit in advance, this deposit is register with the Deposit Protection Scheme. This is refundable after the tenancy ends and subject to the terms of the tenancy.

Holding Deposit is required to be paid by the tenant/s, in most cases £400 this is when the agent has agreed with the landlord primarily to let the property to the tenant/s this allow us to withdraw the property from the rental market (subject to the full comprehensive referencing being passed).

The deposit is non-fundable but is deducted from the move in balance at the start of the tenancy. In the event that a landlord withdraws the property from the rental market, the £400.00 deposit will be refundable in full.

Late rent letters will be charged at £20.00 per letter per household.

Utilises: It is the tenants’ responsibility to contact and pay all utility bills.

All fees inclusive of VAT unless otherwise specified